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eCommerce SEO Case Study


Brick and Mortar Retail Store Case Study
Brilliant digital marketing beats big box competition and Amazon.com

Customer profile: 

Brick and mortar, retail specialty store's eCommerce web presence

Campaign techniques employed:

Content development and marketing

On site SEO


Results of the campaign:

     Work resulted in immediate results for the customer's holiday season.  Their rankings have continued to improve over the past 3 years. The store's eCommerce site ranks among the top search engine results for over 1,000 of the keywords and phrases targeted in their SEO campaign.

     Even with stiff competition for important key-phrases, the store's website sits above Amazon, Home Depot, Target, Walmart and many other big names.  In a very saturated market, we were able to help the store secure the #1 spot for multiple targeted keywords and phrases.  in fact, the website ranked on the first page of Google's results for the keyword "Artificial Christmas Trees", higher than Amazon, HomeDepot and other major retailers.

     We were able to move the store into the top 15 out of 15,000,000 results.

     Because of our efforts, the client has achieved excellent results in literally hundreds of similar keyword phrases.  We can help your brick and mortar retail store get prominent position in Google for your eCommerce website.  If you don't have an eCommerce website yet, we can help you design, develop, launch and market one for your business.

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