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Local SEO Case Study


Google Local SEO Case Study

Dominant, page 1 position for 20 keyword phrases

Customer profile:

Medium sized, local, Occupational Health Provider

Techniques used:

Google Local optimization and implementation

     SEO on the site

     Landing page development and implementation

Results of the campaign:

Our expertise with Google Local and SEO services has resulted in complete dominance for our customer's website.  Working together with the customer, we have secured first page positions for over 20 search phrases, and achieved dominance in Google's highly visible Local results.

     Ranking high on Google Local greatly improves visibility and makes it more difficult for your potential customers to find your competition, as they get squeezed towards the bottom of the search results pages.

     Our client is dominating the first page with the top 4 spots all linking directly to their website. With great results across multiple keywords and phrases, saturating your market makes finding your site easy.

     Using local digital marketing tools like Google Local in combination with SEO services has resulted in increased prominence in Google search engine results pages for our customer's web presence.

     Additionally, with the creation of phrase specific landing pages focused on specially selected keywords, we are able to gather valuable information from site visitors and monitor conversion rates for all of the customer's configured conversion goals. This information allows even further refining of campaigns, netting better and better results with time.

Using Google Local and SEO we secured first page positions for over 20 search phrases as well as vastly improved visibility in Google’s search results.  

For your competition it's checkmate.  They're done.

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  • If you know your website is hurting you at the point of sale,
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