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Pay Per Click (PPC) Case Study


Double qualified traffic, same budget


Customer profile:

Medium sized, local, garage door distributor, installer and repair contractor.


Campaign techniques employed:

Pay-per-click campaign optimization and implementation.


Results of the campaign:

     Based on incisive keyword research, we changed the focus of their campaign to more "efficient" keyword phrases.  The change in marketing focus has produced a 200% increase in the click through rate at their site.

     Our PPC specialists targeted keywords for local markets within the garage door industry and tailored the results to reflect user's searches.  The customer experienced some of the highest quality scores attainable by Google.  As their quality score rose, the cost per click of each ad went down, allowing the customer to double the number of clicks and double the amount of quality traffic to their website without changing their budget at all.

     Because of their more efficient Pay Per Click campaign, the customer's ads are first or second in nearly all of their keyword phrase search results, giving them maximum visibility, more qualified visitors to their website and an increase in conversions (leads) from the site.

   We worked with the customer to maximize their Pay-Per-Click (PPC) budget.  Since their initial launch in January 2011, their click through rate (CTR) has been on a constant climb.  

    We helped this customer more than DOUBLE the number of clicks to their site.

What if your click through rate doubled?  What if your budget for PPC didn't change, and your click through rate doubled?  We can make all of that happen...

  • If it's time to get real and dump the site your cousin built for you 6 years ago,
  • If you know your website is hurting you at the point of sale,
  • If you're ready to really succeed, Intrepid Web Marketing is ready to make it so.

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